Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Nonni and Poppi came to town, and we walked around UN headquarters for a while. It's a really cool old building (or rather buildings), and it probably won't be around much longer in its current form: there's a grand plan to modernize it, to bring it up to current code. It hasn't been renovated since it was first built, so it probably needs it pretty badly, but I'll be sorry to see some of it go (and probably replaced with some functional but aesthetically appalling modern structure).

In order: tapestry-portraits of all the Secretaries-General; P-rock and Poppi in the seldom-used Trusteeship Council chamber; P-rock in the visitor's lobby; resting our feet in the hall outside the Security Council; P-rock in an exhibit on the rainforest - this piece was a short movie projected onto white gravel; the General Assembly hall; a (totally incorrect) sign outside the Security Council - note that they locked the door with a bicycle lock - hmm, maybe they SHOULD renovate, just a teeny bit; Nonni and Poppi give a (very serious) press conference outside the Security Council chamber; inside the Security Council chamber - that table in the middle is where I get to sit sometimes; P-rock takes a turn being Secretary-General.


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is that how it works in your household, then? P-Rock is the Secretary General? Can't wait til he comes to Denver to boss us all around. Also, he's adorable. :-) Aunt K


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