Wednesday, November 02, 2011


So like we said, Mom was not feeling very ambitious this year. And P-rock had scored a sweet hand-me-down Power Rangers outfit from the toy exchange table at our block party a few weeks ago, and had his heart set on wearing it for Halloween. So Mom caved and let him wear it. No slouchy home-made costume this year, no sir. This costume is store bought! Fancy. (Not that P has any idea who the Power Rangers are. The outfit just has a cape AND gloves, so it definitely passes any 5-year-old's coolness test).
So here are P and G posing in front of their favorite Halloween displays in the neighborhood. The one that says "American Savings Bank" was a display that took up the whole front yard area of a house... It seems to be some reference to the financial crisis? Whatever it was, it was cool. We trick or treated all the way home from school and scored some serious candy, then we sat on our front stoop and ate half of it and gave the other half away to other trick or treaters.


At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that crumbling bank edifice is AMAZing. who did it and what is it made of? just shows what a few outta work artist-types can come up with!


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