Saturday, December 30, 2006

Aunt Kat

Christmas cuddling...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Everybody dance now

Plastic cows that light up make him want to dance, dance, dance.


P-roc explores the crawl space where his toys live.

Little Rock takes on the world...

And once victorious, decides to try to electrocute himself, at which point Mom has to stop recording and lunge at him to prevent him from doing so...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Brooklyn blues

Waiting for the bus

New street

El Pedrito loves the new place. But he still hates being strapped into the stroller.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back in the saddle

Many apologies for our long absence from blogging. You, our appreciative audience, deserve better. But alas, the internet gods of vengeful technology have not been smiling on us recently.

First, we don't have free wireless DSL from charitable neighbors anymore, so we have to wait until the cable company monopoly that owns Brooklyn finds it in their hearts to grant us cable internet access. And who knows when that will be.

Then I decided, since we have all these pictures of Prock just sitting around at home that can't be posted due to the aforementioned internet woes, why not put them all on a CD and take them to work and post them from the computer there? So I copied a dozen or so of these masterpieces onto a CD and brought the CD to work with me. Alas, only a few of them survived the subway trip in my coat pocket (note to self: next time, don't put the CD in the same pocket as the keys and cellphone and chapstick and everpresent bits of shredded kleenex).

So, with much fanfare, I present to you:

The Shots That Made It Through

The boy just loungin' around. The doctor said his head circumference is in the 95th percentile range. I believe it.

This isn't technically a shot of the boy, but it is a Shot That Made It Through. Plus the boy really likes these cats (in the window of our local 99 cent store), and perhaps you, like his mom, have always been curious about the purpose of these ubiquitous cats. Now you know. They wave for money coming.

Here he is at the new playground, taking a breather between stealing the other kids' balls and scouting out the field for punier kids with lunch money that might need to be taken from them.

More to come, pending favorable smiling-upon by tech deities...