Friday, September 24, 2010

Wrong blog

but when you get a rare sighting of a unicorn pegasus right in your own Prospect Park, you take a picture, dangit, and you publish it.

Renfaire continued

We had a great time at the renaissance fair! Bows and arrows, live chess (with real sword fights!), paddleboating (not pictured here), people in renaissance garb, people in medieval garb, people in pirate and gypsy and bellydancer garb! It was all fun. Until the clouds gathered (check out Melanie's i-TOLD-you-to-check-accuweather-this-morning-and-not-weather-dot-com face) and it rained. And rained. And rained. And we were left stranded on a picnic table and ended up wading out through knee-high water.

The rain gods are determined to keep us from the renfaire, I swear. But we defy them. We will prevail. Next year, we're going to buy wetsuits and wait for a hurricane before we even consider going.