Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar eclipse at the winter solstice

So we set our alarm for 3am this morning, and got up and went out in the freezing cold of the back yard to take a look at the much-publicized lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. It was pretty surreal! But maybe that was just because we voluntarily got up at 3am and went out in the freezing cold...

Here's an artist's rendition of the event:

Escarole and white bean soup, a user's review

Daddy, you have to cook something other than this. You cook this every night and I CAN't handle it. I don't like the taste of escarole and I never want to eat it ever again. If I have to eat this, I'll just jump out of my chair. I don't like the feel or the taste of escarole.The escarole is making a big problem. I can't do ANYthing. I can't do it. Really I can't do it. (starts wailing) I really can't do it. Please, pleeeease, I don't want to dooooo this I don't want to do this I don't want to do this, I hate doing this, I can't do it I caaaaaannn't do it. Icantdooooiitttt.... I can't handle it. I can't handle it. IIIII can't haaaandle it. No really daddy. I'm not kidding, mommy, I really can't handle it. I want some bread and butter...

Windy in the WC

a windy hike in West Chester PA