Monday, March 10, 2008

The un-birthday

I know, I know, we didn't post any charming pictures of P-rock blowing out two tiny little candles and then getting chocolate icing all over his face. We actually had to cancel his birthday party cause of general sickness in the Kirby household. All three of us were sick last week, off and on, and we had to cancel the much-anticipated National Pig's Day/P-rock's Second Birthday Bash.

But here's a video of him on the blessed day itself (sorry for the shoddy camera work, it's hard to hold steady when a toddler is crawling all over you):

Matt's parents came to the rescue, though, with a combo party for P, his grandfather, and his uncle Andy the following week. Here are a few pictures (in order: P checking out the breakables; the birthday boyz; Poppi and P-rock by the shed):

Chatty Kathy

Mr. P is a constant talker. Everything gets a comment. He narrates every move he makes ("I run around! I chase a cat!"), he narrates everything you do ("Mama dropped a phone, aaargh!"), he asks the deep philosophical questions of the day (holding half of a toy delivery truck for a certain Pennsylvania convenience store: "where's a other piece of a Wawa truck'at goes wif it?") and he quotes from the books we read him:

- when Matt took away the carton full of eggs he was holding: "No Dada! Not take away my shuguh puffs and choco-chums!" (from "The Berenstein Bears and Too Much Junkfood")

- while stomping around the living room: "Waltz around the brexus (breakfast) table!" (from "Tiny Toes")

- while swinging on a swing at the playground : "Check ME out!" (I have no idea where that one came from, actually)

He's also figured out that yelling "I'm a PEST!" when he's being bad is really funny. Thank you Dada, for teaching him that one. And thanks to Oscar the Grouch's A-Z Grumpster's Dictionary, he figured out that "nuisance" is another word for pest, so the other day at Nonni and Poppi's house, he started yelling: "I'm a NUISANCE!"

I can't wait till he learns how to read for himself. He'll be twice as charming then.