Friday, July 23, 2010

Look Mom!

When I got home the other day, before I put my bag down, before I took my shoes off or hung my keys up, I was informed I HAD to watch this video. At first, I was like, hunh, ok. Then I noticed something was missing...

No training wheels!

And apparently he got Eeyore to narrate it!

He's also been going to swimming classes, and making steady, spluttery progress there. So, all proud of his recent achievements, he told Matt the other day "So, I guess I'm basically homeschooled." Yeah, who needs school when you can learn all the important stuff on your own, right?

Summer doldrums

So we've done a LOT since that last post, but this summer has been HOT here. And the lack of AC in our apartment means that everything, including but not limited to blogging, gets done a lot slower.

If you want photos from our trip to Colorado for my cousin Bethany's wedding, check out my brother's blog.

If you want to see pictures of the mini-vacation that my two sisters and I just took to Greenwood Lake, NY, here are a few.

If you want silly pictures of P-bomb playing with his cousins (who now live in Brooklyn! yay!), check this out.

Ah, but we should post some pictures too, I guess.

Ok, so here's one from our trip to Vermont with the Blankenbeckler/Baker crew (many more to follow, once I get them all up on flickr):

And here's everyone (Claire, Jer, The Cousins, and The SmallMans and us) having dinner and silly times in the backyard:

And to cap it off, this is what the ride through Brooklyn to Bethany and Josh's apartment on the bus looks like, if you're 4 years old: