Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nemo? Really?

The most overhyped storm in NYC history. Well, I hear CT and Boston got hit pretty hard, so I guess that's not entirely fair, but. It was just a nicely timed, entirely manageable snowfall for us. It didn't start till after rush hour on Friday, it only dumped about 11 inches on us, and it was done by Saturday morning so the kids could go out and romp around. And romp around they did...

Stomping around the neighborhood
Fresh tracks

Then we headed out to the park for a little sledding...
And ran into our friend, little L.!

L and I-roc exchanged tips on how to achieve limb mobility in their space suits.

And L's mom took a few pictures of us, bless her. 


Things we saw in the park this afternoon: a woman with a walker, hiking around in the snow; a stroller on skis being pulled by a woman on skis; a snowman smoking a real, lit cigarette; and a man walking a tightrope between two trees, barefoot. And yes, when he fell off, he landed in the snow on his bare feet.  Eek!