Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Science question

For the biology majors among you: do three-year-old boys have more testosterone than two-year-old boys?

And the reason I ask, of course, is because the newest thing in this house is bragging. There's the classic "Mom! I can run fast! Look how fast I can run! I'm faster than a badger!"

And the numerically challenged "I have FOURTEEN raisins! That's more than you, Mom. You only have FIFTY raisins."

And the somewhat puzzling but clearly condescending "Why do you not know what icy stripes are? You don't even know what penguins are." (addressed to my long-suffering coworker, Annie, who had to admit that, indeed, she did not know what icy stripes were. But she says she DOES know what penguins are).

And this afternoon's "Look mom, I can jump in between these blocks so faster than anyfing in the whole wide world! Watch! Look at that! Mom! Could you not believe your eyes?"

And finally, as we were walking along this evening in our neighborhood and he saw a car with a bent fender: "Look at that. That's busted, haha. Those people should take that to a mechanic. They should bring it to me when I'm older and I would spraypaint it and they would give me fifty-EIGHTY dollars."

Yup. My kid's going to be a high-paid car body repairman. Sweet.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Sorry for the total lack of posts recently, we left our camera at Nonni and Poppi's house at Christmas and have been pretty busy since then, what with visits from family (who didn't send us pictures of ourselves, ahem) and all.

So instead of a picture post, P-rock wants to tell you a story about a toy dinosaur. I'll transcribe it faithfully, good little Verbatim Reporter that I am:

"We have a little dinosaur. And it erupted with a explosion. It is growing and growing and growing now, and it's going to be its normal size for three days. And it is a - I LIKE it. That's all it."

"Mooom, why did you write 'that's all it'. I was saying 'that's all it' to YOU. What are you saying, MOM??"

"This dinosaur can eat the water under water. And it comes to life some day. And it might die wif bones in its body. And it... can swoop down on really big trees. That's all it."

"Why did you not type 'mommy', cause I said 'mommy'. That's all it, mommy."