Sunday, March 28, 2010


Then we stayed with our friends Brady and Kristen in Savannah. It was awesome, we tooled around town, we hung out at their place. I mean, they have a hot tub. P-raisin was in love, he never wanted to leave the water (that's Brady in the background, unpacking his kiteboard to shake the sand out of it. Yeah, they have it rough down there in Savannah...)


We drove a LOT more than any of us are used to, on this trip. But P-roc handled it well, for the most part. Hey, as long as you have stickers, what can go wrong?

Then Georgia

We stayed at the hostel in the forest, an awesome little place where you can stay in treehouses and shower in the open air and have communal dinners and sit around campfires... We loved it, rain and everything.
(We were using our film camera for this part, and must have been using an old roll of film or something, cause all our pictures turned out weird-looking.)

Then we went to see alligators in the Okefenokee swamp park! We went to the old swamp theme park, where some of the stuff has been around since the 1930s. It was great, and kitschy and the little train ride was the coolest, according to kiddo.

More Florida

Wherein Lyla is the only one to say cheese and the boy learns where duck meat comes from.

Florida trip

We went down south and visited with the southern Kirbies. The kids loved each other, and after one brief snafu involving someone calling someone else "yucky" and then everyone tearfully refusing to tell us what had happened for about a half an hour, they played happily for days. We want them to come up here and visit us soon!