Thursday, November 06, 2008


I had three whole arguments with him today, all before I left for work in the morning.

P: Hey Jerah.
J: What? You don't call me that. You call me Mommy.
P: I call you Jerah.
J: No you don't.
P: Daddy calls you Jerah. And I call you Jerah.
J: Sigh.

P: Gimme that thing. What's that thing?
J: It's a safety pin.
P: I want it.
J: You can't have it, it's sharp. It's dangerous.
P: It not dangerous, it a SAFETY pin.

J (talking about something else): That was the day before yesterday, the day when we went to vote.
P: And YOU voted for McCain.
J: NO I DIDN'T... Argh.

He really knows how to get under my skin. Now if he could only translate that into a marketable skill. Maybe he'll be a lawyer when he grows up.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Being a farmer? I mean, I guess it's ok. If you like that kind of thing.

Trick or treating, door to storefront door on 5th Ave with Christel and (baby?) Geeves

We met up with the South Slope crew, and after the pizza dinner there was a crush in the hallway to see who could get their costume on first.

And off we rushed to the Park Slope kid's Halloween parade, wind in our hair...

Karaoke? Sure, how about I sing "I WANT CANDY!!!"