Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I especially like the arrow pointing towards me that says "Babe". Why thank you. (Actually, if you look closely, it's pointed towards the bump in my middle, and I'm informed that the correct pronunciation is "Bay-Bee". :)

Farmers market horse and cart

We go to the farmer's market almost every weekend, and lately I've had some expert cart-pushing (and pulling) help.

Wearing a tie is so sad

It's over a mile to school, and straight uphill most of the way, hence the scooter. And the button-down shirt with a tie feels like it's STRANGLING ME, IT'S STRANGLING ME, I'M TRUE MOMMY, IT REALLY IS, hence the long face.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School boy

P-rock started kindergarten! He's at a private catholic school - it's a long story, but it boils down to us living four blocks too far north to be in the "good" public school zone, and all of those schools being very overcrowded anyhow.

Yesterday was his first half day (I got to go with him, not that he needed me AT ALL :), today is his first full day. He's really excited and loves his class already. What could be better than a class full of new kids to get to know? He is, as you might have noticed, not shy at all. He's going to have a blast.

If you're having trouble spotting him in the crowd, here's a hint: he's the biggest, blondest head. But he's surprisingly not the tallest: that honor goes to a girl, who practically towers over him!

All dressed up

Uncle Andy got engaged! We're so happy for him and Aunt Amanda. They had a really nice engagement party, and P was excited to get a chance to wear his fancy suit...

Home groupies

We had a reunion with our friends from our former home group, and boy had we been fruitful and multiplied! There were so many kids, and they had so much fun. P-rock and little M from Sacramento took a shine to each other, it was really sweet...